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Review of the Azores Marine Protected Areas Network (RAMPA)


The Regional Government of the Azores has opened a Public Consultation on the proposed amendment to the current Regional Legislative Decree that aims to review the Azores Marine Protected Areas Network (RAMPA), of which the Azores Marine Park is a part.

This proposal is well-founded in scientific research and involves a participatory process that included representatives from various sectors related to marine activities, present in more than 40 meetings. The new Azores Marine Park will encompass oceanic Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that will protect 30% of the Azores' waters, with half of that area completely off-limits to any extractive activities. This legislation also outlines the legal framework for managing the new network.

In this proposal, the coastal Marine Protected Areas remain under the current legal framework of Island Natural Parks. As part of the Blue Azores Program, a participatory process for the review of coastal MPAs began in January 2023, involving the community.

The ocean plays a crucial role in the planet's sustainability. The implementation of Marine Protected Areas contributes to mitigating the impacts of climate change and conserving marine biodiversity, from which a truly sustainable blue economy can be established.


Start and end date: 07/24/2023 to 09/15/2023

Responsible entity: Presidency of the Regional Government of the Azores


Sep 15th: End of Public Consultation.
Oct 16th: Meeting of the Regional Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CRADS) for consideration and opinion on the proposed legislation.

Oct 26th: Approval of the proposed revision of the Regional Legislative Decree (DLR) in the Government Council.
Oct 30th: Submission of the decree to the Regional Legislative Assembly - Start of the legislative process.

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