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In order to understand the needs for the uses of the Ocean and better plan its protection, we needed to understand how the Azoreans use their Sea.


Through an extensive Coastal Ocean Use Mapping project, local knowledge was collected to integrate and value in the decision-making process of implementing a network of the Marine Protected Areas of the Azores. 


Thank you to all who participated in the Coastal Ocean Use Mapping project.


2,483 survey responses
5,050 people represented

The Blue Azores Coastal Ocean Mapping Report offers a comprehensive overview of how Azoreans use and value their ocean space. 

This report provides a detailed summary of the methodology used to design and implement the Blue Azores Coastal Ocean Mapping survey and the process to produce heatmaps of sector-based ocean use and value in the Azores.


View heatmap data layers on SeaSketch.

SeaSketch is developed by the the McClintock Lab at the Marine Science Institute at the University of California Santa Barbara

All additional data requests related to the Blue Azores Coastal Ocean Mapping Project can be directed to the Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies focal point, Gilberto M.P. Carreira:

Want to learn even more about the Coastal Ocean Mapping results on your island?  View the interactive story maps to read about the planning process, data collection and results by clicking below:

Corvo, Flores, Santa Maria

Corvo, Flores, Santa Maria
Pico, Faial, Graciosa

Pico, Faial, Graciosa

Sao Joge, Teceira, Sao Miguel

São Jorge, Terceira, São Miguel

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